Brad Smith

Brad Smith is a designer and art director currently based in Eugene, Oregon. Brad specializes in graphic design and photography and has been working in each field for over 8 years. His work primarily revolves around the music industry specializing in concert and portrait photography, as well as designing album cover arts, concert flyers, and other promotional graphics. 

Brad is currently working on earning a bachelors degree in advertising from the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communications.



(541) 480-8849


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My name is Brad Smith, and I'm a graphic designer that specializes in digital, print, web, and user-interface design.

I’m career-driven and passionate to grow as a professional. I pride myself on attention to detail and my ability to bring diverse ideas to life with unique visuals. I notice imperfections you may not, add my own creative sense, and I strive to make your ideas the very best they can be!

Graphic/Web/UI Design and Art Direction in Advertising and Marketing

UNIQUE SKILL: Able to befriend any dog
FAVORITE SHOES: White Authentic Vans