Patient Power is devoted to supporting cancer patients, care partners and other loved ones through education and advocacy - to get the right treatment at the right time working with the right healthcare team. Patient Power offers an ever-expanding library of online programs, organized by health condition.

As a creative services associate, it was my job work work with the creative director and marketing team to produce a variety of graphics and videos for web and social media. These assets includes article header images, website advertising banners, newsletter graphics, event flyers, social media event banners, logos, infographics, 2D animated videos, social media graphics/videos, graphic/video templates, Youtube thumbnails, and more. Along with producing these assets, it was also my job to help bring a refreshed art direction to their branded promotional materials. 

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1 (Left) Social Heashot Graphic 1920x108
3 (Center) Social Heashot Graphic 1920x1
Living Well During AML Treatment Flyer 1
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