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Graphic Design + Brand Awareness Campaign
3D Installation Design + Decals + Posters + Stickers

I worked as a Designer on an advertising campaign for BEOREGON. 
BEOREGON is the University of Oregon's Diversity & Inclusion program based inside the athletic department dedicated to telling the stories of the diverse athletes and creating commonality through sport. 

As one of two Graphic Designers on this campaign, my role was designing and prototyping deliverables. This included designing pitch decks, social assets, stickers, vinyl decals, and mocking up to-scale 3D models of a display/installation. My primary responsibility was forming and creating an installation that lived on campus for a full calendar year.

The display debuted at the sold-out 17,000 #1 University of Oregon's Women's basketball game vs. #7 Stanford and was shown for a brief clip on ESPN Sportscenter. Soon after the display debut, BEOREGON was awarded the number one NCAA Diversity and Inclusion program in the country.

Interactive Display

3D Prototypes


Creative Brief Deck



Ben Cadwell (Art Director)
Elise Rasmussen (Copywriter)
Ethan Aliste (Strategist)
Kelly Gitre (Strategist)

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