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Art Direction + Graphic Design
Advertising Campaign + Brand Identity + Layout Design

I worked as a Graphic Designer on an advertising campaign for Reset The Code.

While Reset the Code is not a political movement, it was initially inspired by the heightened levels of fear and discomfort on the UO campus after the 2016 presidential election. Due to social tension and a sense of urgency, SOJC instructor and AHA advisor Tom McDonnell hand-selected students from AHA to build and activate a campus change initiative.

The objective of this campaign was to build off of the initial drive to initiate further positive change in the face of discrimination, hate, and fear, as well as bring together the different communities and student groups that make up the University of Oregon campus.

As a Designer on this project, it was my role to work at the RESET creative brief to develop an advanced strategy and visual direction for the campaign. As a result, I created the new strategy and visual approach that we decided to build on to revamp the campaign. This new direction included a new logo system, social assets, in-person art installations/executions, and the overall art direction. 

Some context: This campaign started development at the end of 2019 and halted shortly after the pandemic began. This halt also happened soon after we began developing the executions and rounding out the campaign. Since the majority of the team was graduating, the project's aim changed to packaging everything up so the next team to work on it could pick up where we left off. 

Branded Graphics

RESET THE CODE University of Oregon
RESET THE CODE University of Oregon

Pitch Deck

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