Reset The Code is a student-run campaign on the University of Oregon campus and is driven by 20 SOJC advertising students who are involved with Allen Hall Advertising. While Reset the Code is not a political movement, it was inspired by the heightened levels of fear and discomfort on the UO campus after the 2016 presidential election. Due to social tension and a sense of urgency, SOJC instructor and AHA advisor Tom McDonnell hand-selected students from AHA to build and activate a campus change initiative.

The objective of this campaign was to build off of the initial campaign to further initiate positive change in the face of discrimination, hate, and fear, as well as bring together the different communities and student groups that make up the University of Oregon campus. 



The University of Oregon campus is a random, messy, and glorious blend of colors that all somehow mesh together to create something beautiful. No two colors are the same, and everyone's color is unique to them and them only. To convey this message, we chose the art direction of abstract paint collages to inspire students to confront their biases and reservations, reflect on how they've affected themselves and others, and progress to a new normal by celebrating each other's differences and coming together to create something bigger than what any one color could be by itself.

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CLIENT: University of Oregon

ROLE: Designer

AGENCY: Allen Hall Advertising