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Graphic Design + Brand Awareness Campaign
Marketing Assets + Ad Mockups + Pitch Deck

R/GA asked us to produce a year-long creative campaign for our client, MilkRun. We were asked to showcase evergreen content and MilkRun’s central beliefs to spread brand awareness across Portland and increase weekly subscriptions.

MilkRun is an online local food marketplace and food delivery service sourcing directly from small-scale farmers in your community. They are headquartered in the Pacific Northwest and currently serve the Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, WA, and Austin markets.

Our goal was to showcase the uniqueness of Milkrun compared to other food/recipe delivery services by highlighting the locality of their products in Oregon and how they further get in touch with and help the producers and farmers of their products. 
As the sole designer, my role was to create all the visual pieces throughout the development of the campaign. I made the presentation decks, ad assets, and mockups.

Ultimately, out of 10 agencies, our pitch came in 2nd place.

Ad Mockups

Milkrun Oregon Ad
Milkrun Oregon Ad
Milkrun Oregon Ad
Milkrun Oregon Ad

Pitch Deck



Joey Cilani 
Castine Jaffe
Luke Smukalla
Jie Li 

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